Engineering Dual Degree

Unlike the Engineering Physics Concentration within the Physics Major in which students complete all their course work at Indiana State University, students in the Dual Degree Program complete some of their degree requirements at ISU and some at the University of Evansville. Upon completion of all the requirements of this degree at both schools, students receive a B.S. degree in physics from ISU and a B.S. degree in engineering from the University of Evansville College of Engineering. Students will spend 3 years at Indiana State and another 2 years studying either Civil or Mechanical Engineering at the University of Evansville. This is a rigorous program in which well-prepared students complete the core requirements of the physics degree, as well as chemistry, math, and general education courses, at ISU. Students have the option of preparing for either Civil or Mechanical Engineering with their work at ISU. Students making satisfactory progress then transfer to the University of Evansville to take additional courses to complete the general requirements of the University of Evansville, as well as the focused engineering course work towards their degree in Civil or Mechanical Engineering. Upon completing the engineering degree requirements at the University of Evansville, the student is also awarded the Bachelor's degree in physics from ISU.

For more information about the dual degree program or to arrange a visit to the Department, contact:

Dr. Joseph West
Pre-Engineering and Dual Degree Program Advisor
Department of Chemistry and Physics, S-165H
Indiana State University
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Phone: 812-237-2037

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