Pre-Engineering Program

The Department of Chemistry and Physics is the home of ISU's Pre-Engineering Program. This program is not associated with any particular school of engineering and does not lead to a degree from Indiana State University. Students in the program typically spend two years at ISU taking a set of courses meant to cover a large portion of the first two years of non-engineering-specific courses required in most engineering programs. This course work usually includes courses in the areas of mathematics, physics, chemistry, computer science, and selected general education courses. At the end of two years, is it anticipated that a student will then apply for admission to the school of engineering of his/her choice. However, there is no guarantee that the student will be accepted to the target school or that any individual course credit will transfer.

Advantages of this program include a great deal of flexibility in tailoring the courses students take to match the desired area of engineering and desired engineering school. In addition, students have time to consider which area of engineering appeals to them. Another advantage is that after spending two years at ISU (which might be closer to home or less expensive than the engineering school), and with evidence of two years of successful college study, students are often more likely to be admitted to a program than they would have been initially as high school graduates.

For a list of suggested courses for the first two years of study at ISU, see the ISU catalog.

See the American Society for Engineering Education to locate engineering programs at other institutions.

For general guidelines on credit transfer, see ISU's Transfer Central.

For more information about the pre-engineering program or to arrange a visit to the Department, contact:

Dr. Joseph West
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Phone: 812-237-2037

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