Agritourism alive and well in Indiana

Sunday, August 8, 2021 - 08:36
This family turns sunflowers into a big attraction.

Tom J Bechman | Aug 06, 2021

If you like sunflowers, you will want to consider a visit to Lambrecht Farms in rural Lawrence County, Ind. It’s a great example of embracing what your operation offers and using it to attract people to the farm to buy your products — agritourism at its best.

Jeff and Melissa Lambrecht own the farm, but their four girls have fun making the sunflower business a family affair. Melissa says they’re the inspiration behind The Sunflower Market at Lambrecht Farms.

Morgan, their oldest, is a Purdue University graduate. Her degree includes agribusiness, and she’s currently pursuing becoming an entrepreneur on her own. Megan, a biology student at Indiana State University, gets involved in the sunflower business as well. You can find the family regularly at farmers markets in Bedford and Smithville, offering sunflowers for sale during the season.

“We raise 30 varieties of sunflowers,” says Molly, an Ivy Tech student who intends to become a teacher. “We’ve got some that are tall and some that are much shorter.”

Macey, a freshman at Bedford North Lawrence High School this fall, also does her share in the sunflower enterprise.

The Lambrechts held a sunflower festival on the farm July 30-31. They plan to hold a fall festival Sept. 17-18. Their last event of the year is a Christmas festival Nov. 19-20. Each festival is designed to showcase their small farm and create an enjoyable weekend for those who visit.

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