Why Companies Need Philosophers

Monday, February 13, 2023 - 10:30

The titanic companies that comprise the annual Forbes Global 2000 list, ranking the 2,000 largest companies on earth in terms of sales, profit, assets and market value, are bound to have something in common.


There is the explicit similarity of sums. Whether Berkshire Hathaway at No. 1 or Sun Communities which earned the bottom spot, these are all multi-billion, publicly traded corporations. There are also more implicit resemblances, such as the race and gender of the majority of people who make up the board.

The educational background of board members is another connection. Predictably, MBAs, usually from top universities, as well as other finance and business related degrees.
To note, this uniformity goes beyond just the boardroom. These degrees tend to be a prerequisite for anyone in a C-suite or similarly ranked position.

Conversely, to those who studied the humanities, prepare to be supervised.

This discrepancy in degrees in leadership positions of the highest-profile companies is no secret. The number of humanities-related majors has been steadily declining for years. In fact, the number of computer science degrees is about to eclipse all humanities degrees combined.

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