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Registering for Classes

Meet with Your Academic Advisor

Review your MySAM to determine what courses you need to take. Then make an appointment with your academic advisor to discuss your course choices.

During your advising appointment you should:

  • review current semester performance;
  • review progress toward degree completion; if you intend to graduate, be certain to review all aspects of your academic record;
  • ask your academic advisor for your advising PIN.

Scheduling classes is not the only function of academic advising; you should meet with your academic advisor early in the term and be certain to spend time discussing your academic performance and goals as well as your career goals fully and deeply. When you are ready to schedule classes, check in with your academic advisor again. DO NOT wait until the last moment to seek academic advising.

Check Your Assigned Registration Time
Students are allowed to access web registration according to total earned hours ("E-hours" on your MySAM). Priority Registration Dates

Complete Web Registration
Go to MyISU; choose interactive services and follow links to web registration.

Timely Tips for Web Scheduling

Troubleshooting/Problem Solving
You can not enroll in more than the allowed maximum hours. If you believe you need to enroll in hours above the maximum, you may submit a request. NOTE: In most cases, a decision to exceed the University maximum will not be made until final grades for the current term are posted.

You can not enroll via the web in a course that is full or restricted. If you need to enroll in a full course, you may submit a Scheduling Form (which requires the signature of the professor) to the Office of the Registrar. NOTE: You can not enroll in courses after the first week of any term.

You can not enroll via the web in a class that conflicts with the time of another class in which you are enrolled.

Dropping a class

Students may drop a class through the tenth week of the term via web registration; you need your advising PIN, but no permissions.  Be certain you retain your advising PIN for the term; it is unreasonable to expect academic advisors to respond to emergency requests for a PIN at the drop deadline.

Note that a grade of DP (dropped passing) or DF (dropped failing) will be recorded on your transcript for any course dropped after the second week of the term (neither grade is computed in your grade point average calculation).

NO class can be dropped after the tenth week of the term.

Specific dates for each term are available on the Important Term Dates calendars on the Office of Registration and Records website.

NOTE: If you want to drop all your classes, you must withdraw from the University.