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Returning Students

Returning or Readmission Information

A Returning or Readmitted Student is a former Indiana State University student who has not enrolled in courses from the University for two or more years and wishes to return to ISU classes. If you've been academically dismissed and wish to petition to return to ISU classes, you will also be asked to follow the procedures for returning/readmitted students (as well as file the Petition to Return after Academic Dismissal).

Returning Student Policies

Any student who has been away from classes for two or more years must apply for re-admission through the Office of Admissions. If you left the University in good academic standing, normally you will be readmitted. If you left the University on academic probation or after an academic dismissal, your application will be reviewed for re-admission on probation and additional documentation will be requested by Admissions. You will be expected to report attendance at any other university since leaving Indiana State University and to supply documentation of your academic record from any other university at which you enrolled after attending ISU. Your academic performance at that institution will be a factor in your re-admission decision. Link to Admissions

Returning students are expected to complete degree requirements current with their re-admission. Prior course work will be assessed and applied to major and Foundational Studies requirements as recommended by the student's major department and approved by the Dean's Office in the College of Arts and Sciences. Given the frequency with which degree requirements and course content change, returning students should expect to have to complete course work in addition to or in place of previously completed course work to meet the requirements for a current degree.

How to petition prior coursework to count for current degree requirements: When you've readmitted to the University, your record may be reviewed to see if some updating of degree requirements is warranted; if so, you'll want to see if a Note has been entered at the end of your MySAM degree audit. If you wish to suggest the substitution of some prior courses for the requirements now showing on your degree audit, please speak with your academic advisor.

If you've been accepted on probation or Probation (Dean's Option) status: You must meet your retention standard for your next enrolled term or you will be academically dismissed. You can find more information on our probation website, or please speak with your academic advisor if you have any questions.

**important information for students returning in 2014/2015**

As noted earlier, if you readmit to ISU, your catalog term updates to the term of your readmission, and you are responsible for the degree requirements of this updated catalog term. The good news is that two important changes have recently taken place in a student's overall graduation requirements:

  • For all students, the minimum number of 3/400-level credits you are required to complete has dropped from 50 to 45;
  • For students readmitting to Fall 2013 or later, the minimum number of credits required for a bachelor's degree has dropped from 124 to 120.

Students readmitting to any term after Fall 2012 will take advantage of ISU's new degree-audit system called "MySAM," now available on the MyISU portal (go to the Student tab and select the link for Degree Audits). If you are are a readmit student accessing MySAM before your readmit term has begun, you need to run a What-If audit for 1) your readmit catalog year ("2014-2015"); and 2) your readmit Program (major) to ensure you're viewing up-to-date degree requirements. Depending on your readmit major, you may also need to select a Concentration before Processing your What-If; if you don't know yet what your concentration will be, for purposes of seeing your up-to-date degree requirements simply choose any of the concentrations that are listed.

Instructions for running a What-If audit are found on p. 16 of the MySAM Student Manual.  Check with your academic advisor if you have any questions.

Academic Renewal

Undergraduate Academic Renewal, if granted, allows returning students to improve their academic standing through the removal of all courses with grades below a "C" as well as the GPA for all hours accumulated prior to their current re-admission to ISU. The College has the option of determining how courses with a grade of "C" or better apply to a student's current degree program.

Some Important Qualifications for Academic Renewal:

  • Five full years or more have passed between your last previous enrollment at ISU and current re-admission;
  • Since re-enrolling, you have completed at least 12 credit hours with a GPA of 2.0 or better (a higher standard may apply for certain degree programs);
  • You have not previously undergone Academic Renewal at ISU.

Please read the entire form, Request for Undergraduate Academic Renewal, to understand all the qualifications and implications of this policy. Undergraduate Academic Renewal may not be helpful to everyone. Before completing the form, you may wish to seek additional advice from your academic advisor, department chair, and /or Dean.

Second and subsequent undergraduate degrees

If you have readmitted to ISU to pursue a second or third undergraduate degree, your Foundational Studies requirements are considered fulfilled, and you must complete only the requirements for your readmit major and at least 30 credits after your second undergraduate readmission. Your MySAM audit will show the courses you completed during your previous undergraduate degree until your readmit term begins; at that point, only courses you take after during your subsequent undergraduate degree will show on your current audit. However, your advisor and College will have the option to waive any current requirement per completion of courses during a prior degree.

enrolling in classes

As a returning/readmitted student, you are not required to attend a new student orientation again. However, we urge you to use the ISU express website as a way to update your knowledge about current policies and procedures. It's a one-stop site that lists all the most commonly asked questions and most needed undergraduate services.

Shortly after your readmission is completed, your record will be reviewed to update your academic advisor information. Your advisor information will show on your MySAM degree audit, and you can access registration dates from the ISU express website. Please review your degree audit thoroughly before contacting your academic advisor for an advisement appointment. If your advisor assignment has not yet been updated since your last admission here at ISU, please contact the College office at 812 237 2411 or

If you've not been an ISU student for a while, and would like to see a step-by-step instruction guide about MyISU portal registration, click 

.  On the Registrar's website, video tutorials are also posted both for the registration process and for some common registration problems you might encounter: