Mission, Vision and Values statements


We are the Bayh College of Education: Daring to do the difficult work that makes change possible.


Looking ahead, moving forward, and making a difference.

We Value...


We are deeply connected to our communities and professions, identifying the needs that exist and anticipating the promise and possibility of our future. Through authentic conversations and evolving practices, we demonstrate that we are genuine.

...Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

We affirm the inherent worth of every individual by providing supportive environments that empower each to thrive. By what we teach and how we practice, we foster cultural humility.

...The Power of Learning to Transform

As transformational educators, we help individuals discover the intrinsic value of learning. We focus on who we can become and create opportunities for growth. We dare to change lives through education.

...The Intersection of Theory, Research, and Practice

We promote vulnerability in acknowledging strengths and areas for personal and programmatic growth, intellectual curiosity, and a willingness to fail forward.