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Study Abroad and other Global Engagement Opportunities with CCJ

The School of Criminology and Security Studies provides regular opportunities to for students to take comparative criminology and criminal justice classes both abroad and right here at ISU.  Usual opportunities for study abroad include a 4-week late summer class in London in even numbered years and during odd numbered years, a 4-week early summer trip to Europe which includes a class at the University of Zagreb and post class travel to other area cities – past destinations have included Prague, Vienna, Bratislava, Budapest, Belgrade and Bucharest.  These programs are “faculty-led” so that students have direct on-site faculty support throughout the entire trip. 

Included in global engagement opportunities right here at ISU is a comparative criminology course with visiting students from the University of Zagreb during the 3-week early summer intensive session during summers of even numbered years.  The class is a Crim 416 and past topics have included Global Drug Law Policy, Global Perspectives on Corruption and Global Perspectives on Therapeutic Justice.

For more information on the Crim related global programs, contact Associate Professor Lisa Decker,  or the Center for Global Engagement, Education Abroad office at for more information.  ISU also has many semester based opportunities for students looking for a more generalizes study abroad experience and the Education Abroad office can also help you with those programs. 

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