Facilities - KRS

Laboratory & Equipment Usage Policies & Procedures 

Biomechanics Laboratory 

  • Ariel Performance Analysis Systems for 3-D video analysis
  • a force platform for kinetic and EMG analysis
  • an Ariel CES isokinetic strength testing unit

Exercise Physiology Laboratory

  • Photo Gallery
  • a Bodpod for measuring body composition
  • an environmental chamber for controlling heat and humidity conditions
  • full instrumentation for
    • ECG interpretation
    • submaximal/maximal exercise testing and anaerobic power
    • blood lactate, cholesterol, glucose and other biochemical analyses
    • pulmonary function

Human Physiology Teaching Laboratory

  • Photo Gallery
  • 12 biopac units to improve physiology comprehension

Instructional Analysis Laboratory 

  • wireless microphone systems and Panasonic camcorders, monitors, and VCRs
  • to analyze and improve instructional effectiveness

Motor Learning Laboratory

  • a Wayne Saccadic Fixator for coincidence anticipation
  • an Accuvision 1000 system
  • a Wii and Wii balance board
  • a tachistoscope for visual perception

Exercise and Cardiovascular Research Laboratory

  • a Biopac for heart rate variability
  • a SphgymoCor for pulse wave analysis/velocity
  • an ultrasound for flow mediated dilation

Arena - Health and Human Services Building

  • A large multi-use gymnasium that includes

    • various court configurations for multiple courts in
      • basketball
      • volleyball
      • badminton
      • tennis
    • a 200-meter indoor track
    • Weight training facilities
    • 2 dance rooms
    • 10 racquetball courts
    • Outdoor 400 meter track
    • Sand volleyball courts
    • Numerous playing fields

Sycamore Outdoor Center

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