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People of STATE: Honors Alumni

People of STATE: Gage FraserGage Fraser, '23

People of STATE  •  May 19, 2023  •  Electronics Engineering Technology

"When Gage Fraser was applying to colleges during his senior year of high school, Indiana State was his top choice. Apart from the hands-on learning, student organizations, close proximity to his hometown of Marshall, Illinois, and professors who would care about his success, Fraser had another, very personal reason for pursuing an education at Indiana State. His parents and grandfather are Sycamores, too." READ MORE

People of STATE: Kimmie Collins

Kimmie Collins, '22

People of STATE  •  December 15, 2022  •  Marketing

"Graduate student Kimmie Collins inspires young readers to learn about college and Indiana State University in a new children's book, "Sam Becomes a Sycamore." With the help of reading and Indiana State's mascot, children begin their college journey." READ MORE

People of STATE: Bethany Baker

Bethany Baker, '10

People of STATE  •  July 29, 2021  •  BFA - Photography

"Bethany Baker, '10, discusses how Indiana State helped prepare her for a career as an accomplished photojournalist and videographer." READ MORE

People of STATE: Eryn Jenkins

Eryn Jenkins, '21

People of STATE  •  June 21, 2021  •  English

"There may only be 24 hours in a day, but Eryn Jenkins (’21) manages to squeeze in as much as she possibly can. During her time at Indiana State University, the 2021 graduate was rarely idle. In addition to her coursework and jobs as a freelance writer for the Indiana Statesman and Intramural Sports Referee for the Student Recreation Center, Jenkins held leadership roles in several campus organizations." READ MORE

People of State: Katie LugarKatie Lugar, '15

People of STATE  •  April 22, 2021  •  Social Work

"Katie Lugar’s, ’15, GR’16, involvement with Indiana State University began at birth. As the daughter of an ISU social work professor, Lugar attended the Bayh College of Education’s Early Childhood Education Center from infancy until age 5. 'I could learn, thrive, and explore in a safe environment. I loved my time there, and the staff and students helped me grow,' said Lugar, who has served as the Honors College Assistant Director of Student Programming and Leadership since 2018. 'In high school, I participated in the ISU Summer Honors Program for three summers. I hadn’t decided on my career path yet, but the immersive college experience helped me build relationships and realize that I wanted to pursue social work because the field’s code of ethics aligned with mine.' When Lugar enrolled as a freshman, she joined the social work program, the nonprofit leadership program, and the Honors Program (now Honors College) as a University Honors Scholar." READ MORE

People of State: Mariah Wright-Doran

Mariah Wright-Doran, '16

People of STATE  •  March 23, 2021  •  Construction Management

"When Mariah’s interest in construction management developed in high school, she knew she was molding her own career path but never imagined her siblings would follow her lead. 'I looked at architecture programs in high school, but I don’t have a designer mindset. I have a builder mindset, which made construction management a good fit,' Mariah said. 'In high school, I interned with an ISU construction management alumnus at MSI Construction and he encouraged me to follow his path, so Indiana State’s where I decided to go when I was applying for colleges and got the President’s Scholarship.'" READ MORE

Regina Atkins, '10

People of STATE  •  February 3, 2021  •  Communication

"It is no surprise that Regina Atkins, ’10 – the daughter of two Indiana State University alumni – became a Sycamore. But 10 years after graduating with a degree in communication, Atkins continues to share her love of State with prospective students as associate director of student services." READ MORE

People of State: Allison Crick

Allison Crick, '19

People of STATE  •  December 16, 2020  •  Marketing & Accounting

"Allison is well on her way to becoming a two-time Sycamore alumna and she is reflecting on the highlights of her college career at State that have helped her achieve her goals." READ MORE

Darci Chambers, '20

People of STATE  •  September 17, 2020  •  Interior Architecture Design

"Think interior designers deal only paint colors and throw pillows? Not the case! Just ask Indiana State graduate Darci about her progression through State’s interior design program. By the end of her four years, Darci was focused on designing safe, functional spaces for the occupants, and she even added construction management as a second degree so she could better understand how buildings are constructed and, therefore, create better spaces." READ MORE

People of State: Courtney Natt

Courtney Natt, '18

People of STATE  •  May 19, 2020  •  Biology

"Courtney Natt, Physician Assistant Master’s Program student, class of 2021, reflects on her clinical rotation experience." READ MORE

People of State: Shannon Anderson

Shannon Anderson, '17

People of STATE  •  May 8, 2020  •  Operations and Supply Chain Management

"St. Charles, Ill., native Shannon Anderson, ’17, snagged a job as a supply chain analyst after graduating from Indiana State University with a bachelor’s degree in operations and supply chain management and a minor in French. What more could she ask for, you ask? Maybe the chance to mold an idea she developed in her senior year of college that would take her all the way to Boston, Mass., where she is now co-founder and Chief Operating Officer at smileML, a Techstars Air Force company that creates better experiences and safer communities by turning video into actionable intelligence for a variety of applications." READ MORE

Kelsey Darin, '17

People of STATE  •  April 15, 2020  •  Marketing

"Kelsey Darin, ’17, is still benefiting from the connections she made on campus as a student and it’s kept her rooted to her alma mater. As a student, Darin found a mentor in Indiana State University economics Professor Bob Guell, whose help extended beyond the classroom to opportunities that would help her find her passion and earn her position as a product developer at McGraw-Hill. Darin now spends her days serving as the liaison between the authors, editorial team and production team – all tasks she was more than capable of tackling on day one of her position thanks to the education and leadership opportunities she amassed during her time as a student at State." READ MORE

Kayla Dunagan, '18

People of STATE  •  March 26, 2020  •  Nursing

"Kayla Dunagan was hesitant her senior year at Indiana State University to take an internship in the newborn intensive care unit at Riley Children’s Hospital in Indianapolis. Encouragement she received from her professors pushed her to pursue the opportunity, which led to her career as nurse in the NICU right after graduation." READ MORE

Teri Stockham, '81

People of STATE  •  August 15, 2019  •  Chemistry

"Teri Stockham grew up in the era before true crime shows were mainstream, but her love for Nancy Drew books and mystery stories made for a natural interest in forensic science. Luckily, he father not only fostered that interest but also helped her connect with Indiana State University and its forensic chemistry specialty. Stockham served as chief toxicologist in Broward County for six years before starting her own consulting business in 1997, which allows her to serve as an expert witness and full-time consultant doing military court martials, civil and criminal cases. Stockham doesn’t take her fruitful career for granted and now serves as a role model for Sycamores and an example of what a bachelor’s degree from Indiana State can offer students." READ MORE

People of State: Ben Baumgart

Ben Baumgart, '16

People of STATE  •  July 25, 2019  •  Computer Engineering Technology

"Baumgart credits the computer engineering program at State with helping him choose a direction for his career choice, as it got him involved with the College of Technology Student Leadership Council, an organization that gives participating members the opportunity to build leadership skills while serving in an advisory capacity for the college." READ MORE

People of State: Rachael SchulteRachael Schulte, '08

People of STATE  •  June 17, 2019  •  Chemistry

"I love being a physician, and the field of Pediatric Hematology/Oncology has given me the opportunity to be in a field that constantly challenges me intellectually while also being very fulfilling on a personal level, as I feel I am truly making a difference every day in the lives of my patients and their families." READ MORE

People of State: Morgan ChaneyMorgan Chaney, '17

People of STATE  •  May 1, 2019  •  Biology

"For graduate student Morgan Chaney, BLUE provides equal opportunities to students that have the initiative, drive and ambition to turn their ideas into something more. Chaney chose Indiana State for the experiences and opportunities it offered to prepare her more than any large university could have." READ MORE

People of State: Samantha Ripperger

Samantha Ripperger, '18

People of STATE  •  April 30, 2019  •  Textiles, Apparel, and Merchandising

"Indiana State alumna Samantha Ripperger used her passion for fashion to land a job with the award-winning magazine PATTERN. Ripperger majored in textiles, apparel, and merchandising and uses fashion as a form of expression." READ MORE

Kyle Varble, '17

People of STATE  •  March 18, 2019  •  Operations and Supply Chain Management

"Kyle Varble is a 2017 Indiana State graduate, currently working at Rolls Royce as a Strategic Buyer for Defense – Naval Marine. He is responsible for preparing, planning, issuing and controlling purchasing orders. At State Varble was a part of the Network Professional Development Program where he got international experiences studying abroad in Europe, and professional development with weekly seminars, networking, interviewing and much more. Take a look at the journey that helped Varble bridge the gap between college and his professional career." READ MORE

Beth Mauder, '18

People of STATE  •  March 14, 2019  •  Communication

Beth Mauder, ’18, was asked to shadow a game for ESPN 3 when someone didn’t show and then a similar incident led to her calling a volleyball game. From there the opportunities for Mauder skyrocketed and she began to call more games and participate as the anchor for ESPN 3 for State’s sporting events. While interning with CBS Interactive in Louisville they offered her a position and told her the reason why she is getting the job is because of the hands-on experience she received as an undergrad at State." READ MORE

Michaela Rausch, '18

People of STATE  •  March 14, 2019  •  Communication & Criminology and Criminal Justice

"Michaela Rausch completed a double major in communications and criminology with goals of being in law enforcement. While at Indiana State Rausch decided to apply to be a community service officer for the Indiana State Police Department, as an extra set of eyes for the officers, providing escort and security for different events. Rausch also got hands-on experience interning with the Naperville Police department with different experiences such as ride alongs, investigations, firearms training and much more. Her time with the department paid off as they offered her a position as an officer." READ MORE

Devyn Mikell, '17

People of STATE  •  January 7, 2019  •  Operations and Supply Chain Management

"Devyn Mikell and DeSean Prentice are State alumni and the co-founders of the late-night food truck, Twisted Fry. Twisted Fry was created to help prevent students from drinking and driving to go get food after a night out in the town. Prentice handles the marketing and finance and Mikell is the director of operations." READ MORE

Sarah Ford, '15

People of STATE  •  September 26, 2018  •  Biology

"Marisa Korody, scientist, and Sarah Ford, research associate, work under the umbrella of the Northern White Rhino initiative, at the San Diego Zoo Institute for Conservation Research, where they are working to save the Northern White Rhino from extinction. The two met while Korody was getting her Ph.D. at State and helping train Ford who was a student worker in the genome lab. It was one of their professors who inspired Korody to want to work at the research lab after she did her sabbatical there. Hear about how they networked and took advantage of the resources State has to offer, to land their dream jobs." READ MORE