• Commuter Challenge: During the first five weeks of each semester, we challenge commuter students to find us in locations across campus. With a fresh face to many of the academic buildings, there are more study spaces than ever to be found throughout campus. We also use the time to speak to the resources in a space from the Commuter Lounge to the tutoring services available in the Library and Normal Hall.
  • Commuter Companion: There are a wide array of events happening on campus that may be a little awkward to attend on your own. The Commuter Ambassador selects events throughout the year for students to join her. They will meet up outside the event and then head in together; helping connect commuters to the experiences available outside of the classroom.
  • Commuters Connected: Once a month throughout the year, we have a time for commuters to come together and reconnect. The Commuter Ambassador and Coordinator will be available for questions and to cover common transition concerns.
  • Commuter Appreciation Week: Celebrated the third week of classes each semester; this is a week of events for commuter students, a time to highlight Commuter Life, and recognize the population of commuter students at ISU. Each of the events listed above take place this week, in addition to:
    • Commuter Cash Cab: We will pick up commuter students from the remote lots and drop them off near their class. During that time we will ask them questions about ISU for a chance to win prizes, similar to the show Cash Cab.
    • Surviving Adulting: For students who have recently moved into an apartment and are living on their own, we will discuss how to prepare for bills, the importance of renter’s insurance, and ways to save while cooking on a budget. For those preparing to rent, we will discuss deciding what you can afford, what to look for in a lease, roommates, and other questions to consider when living on your own for the first time.