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Ceramics - Undergraduate


The undergraduate ceramics program prepares students for a professional career in the ceramic arts and related areas. This program is designed to promote exploration of three-dimensional forms using clay as the expressive medium, while emphasizing craft skills, quality of work and critical thinking that successfully synthesizes ideas and visual expression.

The ceramics studio is located in the Dick Hay Memorial Art Annex and has more than 6,200 square feet of floor space. The studio has excellent facilities; indoor and outdoor kiln areas containing 15 kilns, 16 wheels, independent clay and glaze mixing rooms, and a fully-stocked, raw-materials-storage room. Undergraduate students in the ceramics program receive exposure to diverse firing techniques such as high-fire reduction, oxidation, wood, soda, and Raku. The ceramics program, the facilities, and its resources encourage and accommodate experimentation with a variety of traditional and non-traditional approaches.


Kira Enriquez


Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) - Fine Arts Major: 3-Dimensional Arts Concentration (81 credits)
Bachelor of Arts (BA) - Art Major: 3-Dimensional Arts Concentration (61 credits)