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Digital Art - Undergraduate

Digital Art encompasses and expands a vast range of cultural and artistic forms.  As tools of expression, new and advancing technologies can reflect contemporary life in immediate and direct ways. Through special screening and exhibition events, students are frequently given opportunities to work outside of the classroom and in collaboration with each other and the community. The Digital Art area is housed in the Fine Arts Building, which completed a 16 million-dollar renovation in 2019.  In addition to a dedicated computer lab with 22 iMac stations, printers and dual projection screens, students have access to the Media Realization Center [MRC] - a 1,300 square-foot flexible space designed for collaborative experimentation with cutting-edge technologies including projection mapping, animation, virtual and augmented reality, 3D printing, stop-motion animation, chromakey, video and sound production. Other resources available for student use include unmanned aerial vehicle (drone) video equipment, 4K video cameras and TV displays, audio recorders, drawing tablets and lighting kits.


Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) - Fine Arts Major: Intermedia Concentration (81 credits)
Bachelor of Arts (BA) - Art Major: Intermedia Concentration (61 credits)