Master's Application Materials and Procedures



All application materials should be submitted electronically when completing the online application for graduate study at ISU.

There are several forms that are specific to application to the Master’s program and they must be downloaded below.  Please save these forms, complete them, and upload them during the online application process.

The Master’s-specific forms include:  a separate department Application for Admission for the Master’s program and a Personal Statement.  Please follow the instructions below for applying to the Master’s program.

1.     Download the following forms:

2.     Complete the Application for Admission:  Experimental Psychology Master’s Program form.  Be sure to complete all fields and save the completed application.

3.     Complete our Personal Statement form.  You can either type your personal statement directly into the form, or paste your statement into the form.  Be sure to specifically state why you have chosen to apply to the Master’s program in Experimental Psychology at ISU.  Save this form after completion, so that you can submit it during the online application process.4.    

4.        Complete the online application for graduate study at ISU.  Be sure to submit the following items when completing your online application: a) Your application for admission to the Master’s Program, b) your personal statement form, and c) your vitae.

Enter all required information.  Have the email addresses for your references available at the time that you are completing your application because you will need to enter them on the online application form.

5.    Official transcripts for all institutions attended (undergraduate and graduate) must be sent directly from the school attended to the following address:

        Indiana State University
        Graduate Admissions
        Welcome Center
        318 North Sixth Street
        Terre Haute, IN 47809-1904

        E-transcripts should be sent to   

6.  International students seeking to apply to the program, please also refer to the following link:


If you have any questions about the application process, please contact Dr. Ted Maldonado, Director of the Master’s Program, at or Kim Julian, Administrative Assistant at

Applications for the Master’s Program in Experimental Psychology are due by February 15th.  Enrollment is only accepted for the Fall semester.


Department of Psychology