Psy.D. Facilities


The Indiana State University Department of Psychology operates its own Psychology Clinic, which provides a wide range of clinical services to the community. The Psychology Clinic is located on the first floor of Root Hall and the ISU Department of Psychology is above the clinic on the 2nd floor of Root Hall.


Psychology Clinic

   The Psychology clinic provide therapy and assessment services for individuals on and off campus. ISU faculty and staff can receive services at no cost through EAP (Employee Assistance Provider) services and individuals in the community can access services based on a sliding scale fee.  Several of the clinical faculty provide clinical services in the Psychology Clinic through ouf Faculty Practice Plan (FPP).  The fees generated through the FPP help to pay for training materials in the clinic including multiple copies of the major intellectual and ability measures (e.g. Wechsler scales), as well as self-report and performance based measures of personality and psychopathology.  The Psychology Clinic also maintains a library of therapy and assessment related books as well as evidence-based treatment manuals.  The therapy, assessment and group rooms in the Psychology Clinic are all equipped with digital cameras and microphones.  


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