Bolinskey Kevin Bolinskey
(812) 237-2463
Root Hall, B-214
  • Premorbid indicators of adult psychopathology, specifically in the areas of personality and neurocognitive function
  • Severe psychopathology
  • Psychological assessment
Tom Johnson Tom Johnson
(812) 237-2449
Root Hall, B-206
  • Social and Applied Psychology of Music
  • Positive Psychology
  • History of Psychology
  • Social and Cultural Influences on Substance Use
  • Cognitive and Constructivist Therapy
Kathy Ocampo Kathy Ocampo
Clinic Director & Senior Instructor
(812) 237-4489
Root Hall, B-108
  • Developmental Psychopathology
  • Generalist Training
  • Diversity issues
  • Community Psychology


Liz O'Laughlin Liz O’Laughlin
Professor & Director of Clinical Training
(812) 237-2455
Root Hall, B-233
  • Evaluation and treatment for ADHD in children
  • Influence of parenting on child behavior
  • Help seeking behavior/adherence to assessment recommendations
Jennifer Schriver Jennifer Schriver
Chairperson & Professor
(812) 237-3950
Root Hall, B-205
  • Correctional Psychology
  • Mental health issues in incarcerated populations
  • Reentry challenges for formerly incarcerated individuals
  • Police training and response to mental health calls
Elizabeth Smith, Psy.D.


Liz Smith
Assistant Professor
(812) 237-2465
Root Hall, B-234
  • Adult Psychopathology
  • Psychotic Disorders
  • Trauma
  • Diagnosis and Classification


Veanne Anderson Veanne Anderson
(812) 237-2459
Root Hall, B-208
  • Factors that predict attitudes toward people of different gender identities, such as trans people, as well as people of different sexual orientations, such as asexual and bisexual individuals
  • Gender roles and feminism
Brad Brubaker Brad Brubaker
Senior Instructor
(812) 237-2457
Root Hall, B-231
  • Exploring eye movement patterns in reading using an infared eye track
  • Measuring individual differences in cognitive style using a battery of measures in hope of identifying why some individuals allow themselves to make many errors while problem solving and others do not
  • Examining physical evidence of cognitive errors by analyzing the number and types of items that get turned in to lost  and founds in airports and other public spaces
  • Researching individual differences in the age and accuracy of early memories

Peter Leavitt.jpg


Peter Leavitt
Assistant Professor
(812) 237-3263
Root Hall, B-213
  • Social and cultural differences in how people think about social class, politics, racism, religion, and other topics
  • Social class identity and culture
  • Media representations of social class and race
  • Effective communication and advocacy across ideological divides
Ted Maldonado Ted Maldonado
Assistant Professor & Director of the Master's Program in Psychology
(812) 237-7127
Root Hall, B-215
  • Cognition (i.e., Executive Functions, Working Memory)
  • Cerebellar contributions to motor and non-motor cognition
  • Aging
  • Terror Management Theory
  • Non-invasive stimulation techniques (i.e., tDCS, tAS)
  • Neuroimaging
Rachel Rasley Rachel Rasley
Instructor and Director of Undergraduate Studies
(812) 237-3808
Root Hall, B-210
  • Romantic jealousy from an evolutionary perspective
  • Human sexuality
Virgil Sheets Virgil Sheets
(812) 237-2451
Root Hall, B-212
  • Close relationships (friendships and romantic relationships)
  • Meaning in the environment (both nature & built settings)
  • Environmental protections (sustainability)
Jacqueline Shin Jackie Shin
Associate Professor
(812) 237-2461
Root Hall, B-232
  • Temporal skill in visual attention
  • Temporal and sequence learning
  • Life span development of skill learning
  • Cognitive function in neurodegenerative diseases
  • Cognitive-motor coordination
Michelle Wright

Michelle Wright

Assistant Professor


Root Hall, B-211

  • Exposure to offline (e.g., hate speech) and online (e.g. cyberbullying) risks
  • Mental health and academic adjustment
  • Influence of contextual risk and protective factors
  • Intervention programs utilizing innovative methods

Department of Psychology