Photo Gallery

Commencement May 2023

May 2023 graduation 

                           Left to Right:  Ari Feinstein, Jessica D'Amico, Cara Luchtefeld, Ashley Bazier


August 2024 Graduates (4th Year Mug Ceremony Spring 2023)

May 2023 4th year going away party

Left to Right:  Brianna Todd, Sydney Ward, Madyson Morris, Kaitlyn Saunders, Kayla Storm, Catherine Ebard, Joseph Twitdy


Summer 2021 Rising 4th Year Prelims

Prelims 2021

L to R:  Cody Lesniak, Annelise Coffey, William Anastasiadis, Samantha Roop, Kathia Bonilla, Aubrie Musselman, Bradley Luckett.


Trivia Night Fall 2019

Trivia Night at Sycamore Winery

Front Row:  Samantha Ziegler, William Anastasiadis, Katie Niehus.

Back Row: Cody Lesniak, Katheryn Ocampo, Kevin Jordan, Liz O'Laughlin, Annelise Coffey.


Spring 2019 Team Building Activities

Spring 2019 Team Building

Front Row: Liz O'Laughlin, Zoe Fiske, Kathia Amaya, Katie Niehus.

Back Row: Katheryn Ocampo, Courtney Wiesepape, Cara Luchtefeld, Charlene Johnson, Dylan Songer, Pradeep Thamboo, Audra Biermann.


Department of Psychology