Psychology Clinic Student Involvement

Psy.D. students use the Clinic for their training throughout the time they are at ISU.  First year students observe the sessions of advanced students who are working in the Clinic.  Observations can take place live or may be done from recorded sessions.  First year students additionally attend group supervision sessions.  Second and third year students are staff clinicians for the Clinic.  Each student has a caseload of approximately 3-5 clients.  Additionally, all staff clinicians conduct evaluations.  Fourth year students meet with staff clinicians in the Clinic to provide peer supervision.

The Psy.D. program's clinical training exposes students to a variety of clinical orientations and techniques, and each student develops his/her own clinical style. In other words, there isn't one treatment approach used by all students. However, all clinicians in the Clinic are strongly encouraged to use evidence-based practices as established by research and recommended by the American Psychological Association.


Department of Psychology